"The mind is powerful, and you have more control than you think." - Scott D. Lewis

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What is Hypnosis?
Stop Smoking
Weight Management


Hypnosis is fast becoming one of the preferred alternative methods to address longstanding problems and issues.

People who have decided to stop smoking should consider joining the Stop Smoking with Hypnosis program which teaches how to replace the bad smoking habit with good and healthy habits. You can come on your own for an individual session, as attend as aa couple or two friends. Or you can attend the monthly Group Session to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis. The Stop Smoking program offers a free three months support system.

Those who are overweight and want to embark on a lifestyle change to reduce their weight should ask themselves if they may benefit from The Great Hypno Weight Challenge. It is a comprehensive program that deals with various issues concerning weight, including eliminating subconscious reasons for weight gain as well as addressing relationships with food, exercise and emotional eating, to name but a few.

Apart from the above issues, hypnosis can be used to bring relief for a range of Issues and Problems. Matters like stress, fears and phobias, finding lost items, getting over a past relationship or health issues can all be addressed through trance. There are in fact hundreds, if not thousands, of such issues and problems that may benefit from attending hypnosis sessions.

If you are unsure whether it may work for you, please make Contact to receive more information.

There are several hypnosis recordings available in the Shop, as well as some books that could be of assistance should you live too far away for a private consultation.

While results may vary from person to person based on the presenting issue, suggestions used and the degree of hypnotizability, many people are turning to hypnosis. I wonder if it will work for you?

"Now that this year is drawing to a close, I just wanted to thank you once again for assisting me to become a non-smoker. Still going strong 3 months later. Best wishes to you and yours this festive season. God bless." GvN

"Hi Hendrik, Well I am doing very well. Been surrounded by a lot of drunk people lately. I was sober on my bachelors too so I have been through the pitts and survived. I have gotten so far because of you. This is a victory for the both of us! You are the best in what you do!!!" Thank you so much

"Hallo Hendrik Ek kannie regtig die ervaring onthou maar ek is baie tevrede met die resultate. Dit is al ses maande wat ek nie rook nie. Ek beveel jou aan, aan almal wat wil weet hoe ek dit reggekry het om op te hou rook." Dankie