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I am Hendrik Baird. I am a Consulting Hypnotist.
I studied Hypnosis under the South African Institute of Hypnotism and I continue to be a member of this organization.
Please browse through this site for detailed information about Hypnosis and what it can be used for.

Ek praat ook Afrikaans en sal jou in die taal van jou keuse kan bedien. Daar is Afrikaanse vertalings van die meeste van die inligting op hierdie webwerf, partykeer sal jy net moet afblaai na onder om dit raak te lees. Ek sien uit om jou van hulp te wees!
My naam is Hendrik Baird en ek is 'n Konsulterende Hipnotiseur.
Ek het Hipnose studeer onder die Suid Afrikaanse Instituut vir Hipnotisme (SAIH) en ek is 'n lid van hierdie organisasie.

Blaai gerus deur hierdie webblad vir baie meer inigting oor Hipnose en wat dit voor gebruik kan word.

Allow me to help you to take control of your life.

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What our clients say


"So far I have lost 10kg and go to gym 6 days a week. I have made a total lifestyle change and am more disciplined. After seeing you the Festive season was a breeze and I did not overeat even once. As suggested my weight loss is a main focus and I now believe that I am good enough to be skinny. I even said something that surprised my husband.. I said (about buying clothes for myself from a specific chain store) "these are not good quality, and I am worth more than that, I deserve better!"


"I am a satisfied client. I am grateful for the life-changing experience. Thank you for giving me back my control. I feel great and I hope your company goes from strength to strength."


Does hypnosis really work? The quick answer is a resounding yes! In the last forty years the industry has seen astounding changes, discoveries and growth in hypnotherapy. For example, today we now know how to induce deep trance in just about everyone in just minutes. Most people think hypnosis is just used for smoking or weight loss but the reality is it can be used to heal so many other situations. The acceptance by the medical and psychological professions is astounding. We are using it to improve every aspect of human motivation and behaviour. Hypnosis sports improvement is becoming extremely popular with professional athletes. So yes, it really does work!